How to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

Do you want to know why you have puffy eyes or how to get rid of under-eye bags? The good news is that, while they can be annoying, bags under your eyes usually do not impair your vision or health. However, if you want to reduce the puffiness around your eyes, there are both temporary and long-term solutions.

What causes bags under the eyes?

There are several causes of puffy eyes, including:

A high-salt diet causes water retention and swelling.
Allergies: Congestion and inflammation caused by allergies can sometimes exacerbate under-eye puffiness.
Some medical conditions, such as thyroid issues, can cause the eyes to swell.
Under-eye bags can be a genetic trait.
Natural aging causes a loss of firmness in the skin and muscles.

Why do under-eye bags appear as you get older?

“The most common cause of under-eye bags or puffiness is natural aging,” says Shaun Desai, M.D., a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon at the Johns Hopkins Center for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. “Older skin becomes too lax and tends to fall or wrinkle.” The muscles and tissues around the eyes can also weaken and contribute to the baggy appearance. This deterioration allows the fat surrounding the eye to bulge out, giving the appearance of a bubble.”

How to Get Rid of Eye Bags

Depending on the cause, there are various approaches to reducing under-eye puffiness. At-home treatments can temporarily shrink lower lids that are swollen due to fluid pooling in the undereye area.

However, according to Desai, home remedies and over-the-counter products can only go so far; “to effectively get rid of under-eye bags that are prominent and permanent, medical treatment is frequently required.”

Treatments for puffy eyes at home

If you occasionally wake up with puffy lids, these quick fixes may help. They work to reduce swelling until it naturally subsides throughout the day.

Cooling the area reduces inflammation and swelling by decreasing blood flow. For a few minutes, place anything cold, such as an ice pack, frozen bag of vegetables, chilled cucumber slices, or refrigerated spoons, over closed eyes.

Hemorrhoid creams: Some people apply over-the-counter hemorrhoid creams to their eyes. To reduce swelling, ingredients such as phenylephrine constrict blood vessels. However, use these products with caution because they may cause irritation in this sensitive area. It is also critical to avoid getting this medication in your eyes.

Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, which means that it constricts blood vessels. Many cosmetic companies sell caffeine-infused eye creams to reduce under-eye puffiness. You can also try resting chilled tea bags (caffeinated black tea) on closed eyes.

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